Diamond Scrub Pads (DSP)

Semiconductor Process Chamber Cleaning with Diamond Scrub Pads from Euris

Semiconductor Process Chamber Cleaning with Diamond Scrub Pads from Euris

What is DSP

What are Diamond Scrub Pads

Euris DSP are developed for efficient cleaning of particle- and contamination sensitive process chambers, mainly used for applications in Semiconductor Industry.

Also suitable for cleaning of critical surfaces in pharmaceutical industry, remove “rouge” and avoid that microbes can be formed, spread and get to a risk.

How does DSP = Diamond Scrub Pads work

The DSP removes, by grinding, a deposed coating from the chamber wall. When coating is removed, a controlled surface roughness remains, which allows reproducible new coating of the chamber.

For what application do we recommend to use diamond scrub pads?

  • It can be used in many processes. For example:
  • Ion Implantation
    • Source Cleaning
    • Parts Cleaning
    • Cleaning of Bushings
  • Dry Etching
    • Polymer Removal
  • ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)
  • Fast cleaning on tools & materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, quartz, and so on.
  • Fiber free material / clean process
  • Low MTBC = high uptime = high productivity
  • Safe and environmental compatible
  • No need for aggressive chemicals like H2O2 anymore, only need of DI Water, safe and no need for additional health protection.
  • Eliminate safety hazards caused by chemicals like H2O2

What kind of DSP do we offer

Different kind of Grid sizes are offered to enable a scrub cleaning process. Selection of the Grid to the part to be cleaned depending on application. From fine to coarse scrub. In many cases we recommend to use different Grids to finish the clean with required surface roughness.
We offer a range of very fine Grid with 3000 Mesh up to a coarse Grid with 170 Mesh.

What are the advantages of DSP

  • The materials of our DSP are Semiconductor Proof, they don´t contain materials which cause particles or contaminations.
  • The materials are free of fibers, like for instance materials used with conventional methods or comparable products for industrial application.
  • Global  Particle reduction
  • Strong Reduction of ionic contamination
  • Controllable roughness.
    According to the required roughness of your chamber wall, choose the right grid to reproduce the roughness of your chamber wall and so guarantee stable process performance. You can take care to have the best roughness for coating- or polymer adhesion.
  • Increases your Fab-Yield
  • Much better uptime of your equipment because strong reduction of MTBC (Mean Time Between Cleans)

How do I use DSP (Diamond Scrub Pads)

In general we always recommend to use DSP together with DI water. Depending on the application, Manual cleaning or cleaning with Handle, we recommend a kit.
Details you will find in application specific cleaning instructions. Also we have training videos and offer “on-site training”.
Useful and semiconductor-proof options like handles, ergonomic handles, sponges for rough-precleaning and wetting surface as well selected cleanroom tissues complete our product package.

What are the dimensions of DSP

Near our standard sizes 60mm x 90mm, optimized for uniform cleaning of surfaces, and Ǿ90mm we also offer custom specific sizes. Depending on application, we can make all kind of custom specific sizes on request.

Download Datasheet:                             DSP-Datasheet