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Systems for Atomic Layer Deposition, Foundry of Nanofilms and Technology Services in the field of ALD Nanoflim. Supported markets are Energy storage, Medical devices, Solar, High Energy Physics, Semiconductor Research, Catalysis, Superconductors.

GEMStar XT ALD Systems:
The Arradiance GEMStar product family makes high quality ALD equipment in a compact Benchtop platform. From systems with 1 Manifold incl. 4 precursor lines for Thermal ALD up to PEALD systems with 2 Manifolds, incl. 8 precursors.
To meet budget, we offer cost effective thermal ALD systems, which can be upgraded to High end PEALD systems.
Every System is equipped with a Pulsed Vapor Push, suitable for low vapor pressure materials.
The GEMFlow software enables easy programming for complicated nanolaminate films and stores history of all process and equipment parameters.


  • Inferface for Glovebox
  • Load Lock
  • Precursor Bottle
  • Material Heater Jackets
  • 500oC heated substrate Platen
  • Ebara Dry Pump
  • Kit for Ozone generation and abatement
  • Carrier for batch processing
  • Particle Coating, with rotational particle canister
  • QCM (Quartz Crystal Monitor).
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