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Accuracy and Precision in four-point-probe measurement

Jandel manufacture resistivity probes for all four-point resistivity measurement machines known. They also produce resistivity measurement equipment for the semiconductor industry as well as for universities, laboratory work, and research applications.
Jandel Engineering is a private Ltd Company, established in 1967.

Scientific laboratory equipment for Sheet resistance / Resistivity measurement of semiconductors and thin films using four-point probes.

Cylindrical Four-Point-Probe


Opaque thin films can be characterized via their electrical performances. JANDEL is providing “four-point probe heads” as a sensor for measuring the resistivity of the layer (metal layers like sheet resistance, bulk resistivity, ingot resistivity, and more).

JANDEL probes are used with various OEMs systems (NAPSON, 280i, RS55, Prometric, CDE Resmap, AIT, …).

Jandel 4pp probe is used in various high-temperature environments like the MACOR probe; a high vacuum cylindrical probe head is also available.

JANDEL manual systems for laboratory resistivity R&D with a fully universal probe station as well as simple micropositioning system and multiposition wafer probe solutions.

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Test Units for Four-Point-Probe Measurements

Associated with RM3000 test unit, tester, or HM21 portable, JANDEL offers a variety of solutions for your surface resistivity 4pp head metrology interests.

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  • RM3000: The RM3000 can supply constant currents between 10nA and 99.99mA, and measure voltages from 0.01mV to 1250mV.
  • HM21: The HM21 has six constant current settings between 100nA and 10mA, and measures voltages from 0.01mV to 1250mV.

Multiheight Microposition Probe Stand

Manual Probe Stands

Jandel manufactures a broad range of manual test equipment, the ideal one for each customer depending on the size and shape of samples to be measured, and the space and budget available.

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