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Corning Incorporated Tropel® Metrology Instruments

Tropel Metrology Instruments creates measurement solutions for a variety of challenging industry problems revolving around the manufacture of precision flat surfaces.

  • Fast  –  Full surface measurements in seconds
  • Powerful –  Highly customizable analysis, without operator influence
  • Accurate –  Sub-micron accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy to Use –  Load the part, press measure

Tropel® Metrology Instruments, as subsidiary of Corning Incorporated, located in Fairport NY, USA is the leader in non-contact optical metrology for high precision components for the semiconductor and mechanical industries.

Tropel® Metrology Instruments offers contactless full surface analysis tools for QC labs but also for high volume production.  The instruments offers in just a few seconds full surface measurements with sub-micron to nanometer high accuracy.

The laser interferometer like the Tropel® FlatMaster®, Tropel® UltraSort and Tropel® UltraFlat® measures surface form for flatness, parallelism, height, depth, surface finish, roughness or thickness.  For semiconductor wafer typically parameter as Bow/Warp, global and local flatness as well TTV and thickness can be measured.

Corning Tropel Metrology Instruments improve manufacturing capability and yield, increasing our customers’ profitability in a variety of applications

  • Semiconductor Wafers
  • Standard and EUV Photomasks
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
  • Compressors/Pumps
  • High-End Rotary Seal Faces
  • Hard Disk Drives
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