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Diamond Scrub Pads – New Generation

The Diamond Scrub Pad (DSP) is a new scrubbing-tool generation, developed for Preventive Maintenance Cleanings of Semiconductor vacuum equipment. Pure diamonds are equally distributed on a polyamide film (Mylar) for smooth cleaning of precision deposition systems.  With this new cleaning method, the cleaning of the chambers will be more efficient and reduce the downtime of the machines.

This new cleaning process is a healthier and more environmental-friendly protection cleaning method in comparison to any chemical cleaning method.

The DSP pads are produced by EURIS in France and available in different diamond sizes and pad shapes.

Designed for a higher productivity:

  • faster cleaning
  • less generation of particles and contaminations
  • shorter tool requalification time
  • shorter total Preventive Maintenance time
  • longer maintenance interval
  • longer tool Production availability
  • Suitable to prevent damages on critical surfaces like anodized Aluminum, ceramics, etc.

Application Chart

Genereal Specifications

Composition: Diamond abrasive aggregate free

Substrate: Low particle emission PET film – Mylar

Pad Shape: 60x90mm or ø 90mm

Diamond Sizes: 6µm, 12µm, 35µm, 80µm

Bonding: Acrylate type structured by PET

Back side: Loop or PE hydrophobic foam

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