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Molecular InnovationTM – Enabling Technologies for Our World and Beyond

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Corning Tropel

Measurement solutions for a variety of challenging industry problems revolving around the manufacture of precision flat surfaces.

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High Quality 3D Surface Metrolog made for your requirements

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Get Control

Embedded solutions specializing in communications, test and diagnostic equipment



Accuracy and Precision

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“Measured by our Precision, Valued for our Service.”

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„Our Vision is to become the worldwide technological leader of choice for integrated critical wet process solutions through excellence in products, technology, and customer service.“

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Nano Systems

See different, measure better

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Napson Corporation

Measurement with contact or non-contact for sheet resistance

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Supply the correct Technology

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EURIS Single Wafer Box

SWB stands for Single Wafer Box, it is made by EURIS.

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UDM Systems

„Commitment to Top products quality, On time delivery and Continuous Improvement“

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Electronic Container Corporation

Your first choice in cost-effective Wafer Handling Solutions

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