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OptiGauge Precision Thickness Measurement Systems

The Lumetrics OptiGauge® Precision Thickness Measurement Systems provides fast and precision measurement capability for a diverse range of clear and translucent materials, including tubing, sheet, windshields, and packaging components. The instrument uses a precision non-contact measurement technology called Low Coherence Interferometry. It has numerous applications in medical, automotive, optics, food packaging, scientific, and manufacturing operations. It is usable in both production lines and static laboratory environments.

The OptiGauge System is protected by over 20 patents and copyrights and was designed to upgrade already existing measurement processes and thus improve the productivity of the measurements. The OptiGauge system combines interferometrically technology with the processing power of a specialized PC to measure and display thickness results in a simple format with high precision in a fraction of seconds. The system is supposed to speed up R&D innovations and decrease scrap and associated costs, all while meeting the compliance standards without increasing the operator’s measurement variability.

The OptiGauge systems are commonly used to measure thicknesses in multi-layer automotive windshields, with a focus on the areas containing the head-up-display regions to measure the windshield-wedge-angle.

Download Data-Sheets:

  • OptiGauge II System: working range from 12 µm – 16 mm with a measurement infrared wavelength of 1310 nm
  • OptiGauge 600 System: working range from 100 µm – 16 mm and a measurement wavelength in the visible range of 650 nm
  • OptiGauge 2000 System: working range from 12 µm – 16 mm with a measurement infrared wavelength of 2000 nm


The Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor can be applied to a range of wavefront measurement systems commonly used for analyzing optics-related products and materials. It can also be used for contact-lens-measurements as well as intraocular lenses.


The ClearWave™ Plus combines the OptiGauge® non-contact thickness measurement system with a modified ClearWave. This system combines the best attributes of the ClearWave and the OptiGauge systems in one and provides contact lens manufacturers center thickness (CT), Sagittal Height (SAG), diameter, the radius of curvature, and all the wavefront measurements in a single system.

Download Data-Sheet: 



The CLAS-2D Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor combines the functions of an interferometer, beam profiler, and beam quality meter in one instrument. The system software analyzes optical aberrations including astigmatism, coma, spherical aberration, focus error/collimation, tilt and more.
It also measures the M2 beam quality, MTF, Strehl Ratio, near field and far-field beam divergence, and other beam parameters.


The ClearWave Contact Lens Precision Aberrometer system was designed to optimize the development and production of contact lenses. It combines the world’s highest resolution Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with a custom-designed software package. Through a high dynamic range and resolution, Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor contact lenses can be profiled with extreme accuracy. It measures spherical power, cylinder, axis, coma, trefoil, and other high order aberrations.

Lumetrics develops and manufactures high-precision thickness measurement and gauging systems in the medical, pharmaceutical, food packaging, eye-care, and automotive industries.

  • Ophthalmic / Lumetrics customers include the top ophthalmic companies in the world.
    Contact & Intraocular Lenses (Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Zernike WaveFront Aberrations, Diameter, CT, SAG, Label Power)
  • Medical / Lumetrics technology has been implemented at 50% of the top medical device companies measuring multiple types of products.
    – Catheters, Balloons, Stents, Glass Tubing (Wall / ID / OD + coating if 12 microns or >)
    – Ampoules (Wall thickness)
    – Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Film / Single & Multi-Layer films (Medical, Industrial, Food Packaging.)
  • Glass / Lumetrics systems have been implemented with 3 of the top 4 Glass manufacturers in the world
    – Float
    – Laminated Glass (Automotive)

Technology Applications – White papers available

  • Real-Time Group Refractive Index Measurement of Fluids
  • Microfluidic Flow Cell Measurement
  • Measurement of Film Stacks
  • Measurement of Lens Stack
  • Optical Thickness of Bonded Silicon Wafer Assemblies
  • Windshield Wedge Angle and Layer Thickness Measurements
  • Measuring Food Packaging Materials
  • Uncertainty Evaluation of fiber-based interferometer for measurement of absolute dimensions.
  • Automated Bow Measurements in Glass capillary tube
  • Materials cross-section using a low coherence interferometer.


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