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“Measured by our Precision, Valued for our Service.”

Lumetrics develops and manufactures non-contact thickness measurement and optical inspection. Our breakthrough precision thickness measurement technology is fast, accurate, flexible, and scalable to most QA laboratories, R&D centers, or production lines. With our personalized service, every client benefits from direct collaboration with our engineers. Lumetrics provides off-the-shelf products as well as custom metrology solutions specifically built to meet your needs.

Primary Markets:

  • Ophthalmic / Lumetrics customers include the top ophthalmic companies in the world.
    Contact & Intraocular Lenses (Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Zernike WaveFront Aberrations, Diameter, CT, SAG, Label Power)
  • Medical / Lumetrics technology has been implemented at 50% of the top medical device companies measuring multiple types of products.
    – Catheters, Balloons, Stents, Glass Tubing (Wall / ID / OD + coating if 12 microns or >)
    – Ampoules (Wall thickness)
    – Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Film / Single & Multi-Layer films (Medical, Industrial, Food Packaging.)
  • Glass / Lumetrics systems have been implemented with 3 of the top 4 Glass manufacturers in the world
    – Float
    – Laminated Glass (Automotive)


Technology Applications – White papers available

  • Real Time Group Refractive Index Measurement of Fluids
  • Microfluidic Flow Cell Measurement
  • Measurement of Film Stacks
  • Measurement of Lens Stack
  • Optical Thickness of Bonded Silcon Wafer Assemblies
  • Windshield Wedge Angle and Layer Thickness Measurements
  • Measuring Food Packaging Materials
  • Uncertainty Evaluation of fiber based interferometer for measurement of absolute dimensions.
  • Automated Bow Measurements in Glass capillary tube
  • Materials cross section using a low coherence interferometer.
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