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Wafer Dicing & Surface Cleaning Solutions for Semiconductor, Solar & Biomedical

UDM Systems, LLC is a global chemical and equipment manufacturing company based in the United States.  We offer high-performance products that are suitable for many industries, such as Semiconductor, Solar, Optoelectronics, Biomedical, LED, Precision Glass & Optics, and much more.  UDM Systems, LLC offers a completely eco-friendly set of solutions for wafer-die separation needs.

Advantages and Suitable for:

  • Lubricants for Dicing and Grinding
  • Wafer dicing lubricant
  • Semiconductor wafer Dicing
  • Dicing blade
  • Coolant for Slicing, Grinding and back side grinding
  • Dicing Saws
  • Wafer cut quality
  • Reducing Back side chipping andTop side chipping
  • Reducing Micro cracks
  • Die singulation
  • Die or Chip separation
  • Wafer singulation
  • Coolant-lubricant
  • No Wafer or surface contamination
  • Wafer surface cleaning solution
  • Water surface tension
  • DI Water surface tension
  • ESD = Electro static discharge Reduction




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