Electronic Container Corporation

Electronic Container Corporation

Your first choice in cost-effective Wafer Handling Solutions

Since 1998 Electronic Container Corporation has provided an alternative solution for the purchase of high-cost wafer handling products at discounted prices.

Euris works with Electronic Container Corporation to source New, Refurbished, Factory Overrun, and used wafer handling products which include, Wafer Carriers, SMIF Pods, FOUPs, FOSBs, Wafer Shippers, Wafer Cassettes from manufacturers such as Fluoroware, Entegris, Empak, and Epak.

In addition to this, Electronic Container can provide a full range of Epak wafer and solar products to address your handling needs.

ECC has the products mentioned above in stock as far as possible. The current stock can be found in the catalog below.

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Waferboxes are available in a variety of sizes extending from 100mm to 300mm, in a wide range of materials, including  Teflon (PFA), polypropylene, polycarbonate and PEEK, and various colors.

Wafer Carriers

Wafer Carriers available for all wafer sizes from 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm in a wide range of materials including Teflon (PFA), Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, and PEEK, and various colors.


FOUPS & FOSB Products are available with a large number of variations and configurations from manufacturers such as ASYST, Fluoroware (now Entegris), Kakizaki (Miraial) and Shinetsu are available and competitively priced.


Single Wafer Shipper and Single Wafer Carriers

Single Wafer Shipper and Single Wafer Carriers are available in sizes ranging from 25 mm to 450 mm.



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