MT Systems Inc.

Best solutions for semiconductor wet-bench and drying
equipment, from manual up to fully automated.

Microtech Systems is specialized on all kind of wet-bench equipment. Cleaning, etching, chemical-distribution, drying, surface preparation, stripping, electroplating, texturing. Simple manual wet systems, fume-hoods, semi and fully automated systems, spray cleaning, tube-washers, chemical dispense units, megasonic, concentration monitoring.

Wetbenches / Wet Process Systems:

  • Vortex Series:
    Intelligent,Fully automated Process System
  • Orca Series:
    Wet Process Systems, automated
  • Stingray series:
    Processing Systems, Semi-automated
  • Otter Series:
    Acid Station, manual


  • IPA Vapor Drying or Marangoni Drying, no Watermarks.
  • Standalone or integrated in wet process bench.

Tubewasher, Vertical / Horizontal:

  • Tube cleaners for horizontal stack furnaces,
    also called horizontal tube-washer.
  • Vertical spray cleaners for furnace tube cleaning, quartz tube and rod etching.
    Very suitable to condition quartz for fiber pulling. Also available with replaceable cassettes, for high throughput time.
  • Vertical-washer as spray- or rinse model available.

Chemical Dispense Systems:

  • Available with single and dual drum systems
  • Tracking and exact metering
  • Glovebox solutions for toxic chemicals
  • MT-500, MT-1000, MT-2000, MT-4000
  • Waste collection
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