NanoSystem Co,. Ltd.

See different, Measure better

High accuracy (Z-axis resolution is down to 0.1 nm) of the non-contact surface profiler, using White-Light-Scanning interferometry, which gives the customer the ability to see, understand and correct or maintain the quality of the products.

NanoSystem was established in 2003 and provides solutions of measurements with contactless surface measurement methods for the semiconductor, display, and other precision mechanics industries. NanoSystem has built up the core technology of contactless 2D and 3D measurement and inspection systems and became a world-class leader in such solutions for the markets.


The Technology

The NanoSystem measurement systems are mainly based on the White Light Scanning Interferometry (WSI) and Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI).  With those technologies, NanoSystem designs and builds their 3D optical surface profiler.  Typical parameters like roughness, step-height, flatness, parallelism and spherical measurement are standard with NanoSystem’s NanoMap S/W package.



3D Optical Surface Profiler provides simple operation and amplifies customer’s convenience.  NanoSystem’s NV-Series offers the solution of every existing surface measurement for R&D and production. It will accelerate the quality of your technology and products.  They provide the most advanced metrology in the world for your various researches with automatic functions.  The Profiler can be used for In-line measurement/inspection with an integrated large stage and automatic system to manage the produce, quality, yield rate.


The new NanoSystem NS-W1000 is a large area WSI surface profiler.  It combines the typically WSI very high vertical resolution with a very large area up to 21.7 mm x 16.3 mm.  This allows high-precision and fast measurements of large surfaces without stitching.

NVM and NVH Series

High-Density Substrate Measurement System NVM-Series is the fastest and most accurate instrument for HDI PCB inspection and measurement. It will help to increase the yield rate and quality of your product as best as it can be.

While the NVM series is a fully automated 3D surface measurement system, is the NVH series an automatic hybrid system to measure 3D and also 2D parameters.

CylinderScan and CylinderInspector

CylinderScan Series

The topography of the cylinder surface is one of the most important factors to control oil consumption, fuel consumption, longevity and wear of engines, to enhance the surfaces, the CylinderScan is a reliable method to characterize them as well as to measure the most critically honing structure parameters.

The CylinderScan combines exceptional non-destructive profiling performance and operator convenience.  Besides evaluation ISO roughness values, employing white-light-interferometry, this compact system can measure 3D surface topography from nanometer-scale roughness with sub-nanometer resolution and production level throughput.

It allows measuring cylinder bores from 70 mm to 160 mm in diameter.  It is fully automated with a handful of recipe functions (radial, axial).

CylinderInspector Series

The NanoSystem CI-1000 is designed to perform a fast non-contact inspection of cylinder inner walls to detect cracks and defects.