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High accuracy (Z axis resolution is up to 0.1nm), Non-contact surface profiler, White light scanning interferometry, Repeatability is lower than 0.1% regardless magnification, Various application filed

NanoSystem is established in April, 2003 and provides solution of measurement system with a contactless surface measurement method. We have also built up the core technology of contactless 3D measurement and inspection system to enter the overseas, based on our excellent expertise, market competitiveness and company sales record. We pursue differentiated strategies in the field of precision measurement and inspection equipment and customers’ satisfaction to the top priority.

3D Optical Surface Profiler provides simple operation and amplifies customer’s convenience.  NanoSystem’s NV-Series offers the solution of every existing surface measurement for R&D and inspection. It will accelerate the quality of your technology and products.  They provides the most advanced metrology in the world for your various researches with automatic functions.  The Profiler can be used for In-line measurement/inspection with an integrated large stage and automatic system to manage the produce, quality, yield rate.

High Density Substrate Measurement System NVM-Series is the fastest and most accurate instrument for HDI inspection and measurement. It will help to increase the yield rate and quality of your product as best as it can be.

Luinance Uniformity System
Luminance, Mura of measurement surface Luminance Uniformity System provides fast measurement, analysis, evaluation of Uniformity and Mura of Display Panel, Automobile instruments and light.

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