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Systems for Atomic Layer Deposition, Foundry of Nanofilms and Technology Services in the field of ALD and Nanofilm. Supported markets are Energy storage, Medical devices, Solar PV, High Energy Physics, Semiconductor Research, Catalyst Research, Superconductors.

Thermal ALD System, GEMStar XT

PEALD System, GEMStar XT-xP


The Arradiance GEMStar product family provides high-quality ALD equipment in a compact benchtop platform. We offer systems with one manifold including four precursor lines for pure thermal ALD, up to PEALD (Plasma Enhance Atomic Layer Deposition) systems with two manifolds, including eight precursors and up to 4 plasma gases.
To meet any budget, we offer cost-effective thermal ALD systems with the ability to be upgraded to high-end PEALD systems. A Pulsed Vapor Push, suitable for low vapor pressure materials, is included in each system.
The GEMFlow software enables easy programming for complicated nanolaminate films and stores the history of all process and system parameters.


  • Interface for Glovebox
  • Load Lock
  • Extra Precursor Bottle
  • Extra Material Heater Jackets
  • 500ºC heated substrate Platen
  • Ebara Dry Pump
  • Kit for Ozone generation and abatement
  • Carrier for batch processing
  • Particle Coating, with rotational particle canister
  • QCM (Quartz Crystal Monitor).

GEMStar XT-R and GEMStar-XT-P integrated with Glovebox

Glove-Box Integration of GEMStar-XT-R and GEMStar-XT-P

Both, the GEMStar-XT-R and the GEMStar-XT-P are connected to a glovebox. The GEMStar is outside the Glovebox which has many advantages, for instance:

  • more space in the glovebox
  • the system is easier to maintain
  • uncomplicated precursor bottle exchange or refill
  • the sensitive glovebox atmosphere will be much less influenced by the thermal mass

Heated Platen Option for GEMStar XT HPTM

This platen option was developed to enable our GEMStar System to reach hihger process temperatures.

With this platen, the substrate temperature can be increased to 450oC.

Load Lock Option for GEMStar XT LLTM

This Load Lock System is optimized to use
with the GEMStar XT Benchtop ALD Systems.
It enables the control of atmospheric exposure
of the process reactor and substrate
during exchange.

Substrate holders for GEMStar XT-LL

To achieve maximum user flexibility, Arradiance has engineered a door mounted End Effector system option that allows “Tool less” change of substrate end effector holders and cassettes allowing the GEMStar XT system to process a wide range of standard substrates from Si wafers to Solar Cells.

•  Data Sheet Endeffector System

Frontloading Tray-System for GEMStar XT-LL

Enabling thermal ALD processing of large substrates up to M12 Solar Panels, Arradiance has engineered a front-loading tray system. This system allows tool-less exchanges of Single Substrate End Effectors and Cassettes ranging from 100 mm Diameter to Solar M12 (210 mm Square) substrates

•  Data Sheet Front-Loading Tray System

Particle Coating Door Option for


This option is designed for offering the GEMStar Benchtop ALD System the possibility to simultaneously coat particles and wafers both, on a desktop or in connection with a glovebox.

The NW-25 ALD Vacuum Gauge Protector utilizing our patent pending TPGP technology
Included with new systems and available as a spare/upgrade

 Datasheet Vacuum Gauge Protector

This QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) mounts directly to the standard KF-40 Metrology Port.
It enables In-situ monitoring of film growth and other surface studies like desorption/absorption.

Datasheet QCM

Precursor bottle and heater jacket

Precursor Bottle and Heater Jacket